Friday, May 16, 2008

Flooring by Mick Kenney

AdvanTech Flooring

Most of the homes we build here at McKee have at least one wood flooring system. This would be over the basement or crawlspace and loft conditions. For this reason the wood sub flooring we use is very important to us. The product we most like to use is called AdvanTech. AdvanTech is a ¾’’ thick tongue and grove wood panel. It comes in 4x8 sheets. The product is manufactured with resin technology that creates a highly moisture resistant surface. We have found it performs much better than standard plywood or OSB products. Moisture can cause the seams of the wood to swell. This condition would require sanding of seams prior to finish flooring. With AdvanTech this is minimized. The product is also manufactured to be environmentally friendly. They utilize the small, fast growing tree species and use the process waste to fuel their facilities. AdvanTech is manufactured by Huber Engineered Woods. For more information go to

Friday, May 9, 2008


I am always trying to get organized. Unfortunately, I am really not at all organized although I would love to be. Here are some ideas I have had lately to get organized. Hopefully, sharing them with you will make me actually do it. Whether you are getting your house ready to sell or just moving into your new McKee home, it never hurts to be organized. Ask my fiance.

To begin, craft rooms:

This one is bright and cheery.
This one looks like I could actually pull it off.

And this one is beautiful.