Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parade of Homes

Please check out http://www.mckeebuilders.com/ for information about our upcoming company-wide Parade of Homes. On June 11th, the communities of Foxfield Villas, The Courtyards at Brandywine, Spring Arbor and Champion's Club will be hosting prospective residents. Our happy homeowners are opening their doors so that homebuyers can see various floorplans, standards and options in a "real" home. Plus, it is a great way to meet new potential neighbors!

Summer games

If you have not updated your games recently, here are some fun ones to try. These would be great for the clubhouses because a couple of them could be enjyed indoors if need be.

I do not know what the difference between these two games are, but I do know that people seem to love them. Click on the names for the "official" sites. People of all ages can play and I love that the sets can be personalized. Your favorite sports team, college, family name, etc.



Amazon is selling this set of outdoor games (bag toss, washer toss and ladder toss) for $69.99. I am buying it for my house!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super Fun Night Out

File this in the Things To Do Category.

My husband is a soccer nut. We have season tickets for the Philadelphia Union at PPL Park, but last night was the first night I got to go. It was a beautiful evening and a really fun night out. The stadium is brand new and gorgeous. Tickets are reasonable. And the Union are doing really well! Last night they tied against LA Galaxy the team that Landon Donovan (caotain of the US National Team) and David Beckham play for.

I saw young couples, grandparents and grandkids, big groups of friends. $30 gets you a ticket in the endline, or $40 gets you on the sideline. Unless you want to stand for the whole game, do not buy in the supporters section!

The supporters call themselves the Sons of Ben and are super entertaining. Wear light blue or navy blue. Join or Die!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Entertaining

So, all of this talk about bargain shopping made me want to draw your attention to a few items!

Wish List

I think that this would be awesome in a basement or loft. I saw it at BJ's for $444.99. I do think that that is really expensive for a table and bar chairs but I also think that it would be the focal point of a room and something that would stay in the family for years and years. Plus, Diet Coke is really delicious.

Jenn's Summer Must-Have's

A zero gravity recliner will be the most popular chair outside (and probably inside) of your house. They are amazing. This is the cheapest I was able to find them at Sears.

So, I really do not buy ANYTHING without researching it first. Last year I researched pool and beach towels and Lands' End towels get the highest reviews from anywhere. I got stripey ones, they are on sale right now for $16.88. Buy them here and for an extra $5 get them monogrammed with your last name so that they don't get lost at the pool.

Last but not least, I LOVE Tervis Tumblers! They are such a wonderful beverage holder in summer or all year long. They are insulated and come custom, personalized or plain - however you like them! Big, little and even with tops (my husband likes them for his iced coffee). Check them out here.

Bargain Shopping with Neighbors

Hello All! Last night I had a wonderful group trip to BJ's with my neighbors and it was SO fun and SO productive that I thought that I would share it with my blog followers. This would work for BJ's, Costco, etc.

First, gather 1 to 3 friends who like to bargain shop! Buy a membership under one person's name. Collect and split up the coupons (they will come to the member's house in the mail). Once a month take the biggest car you can find and go shopping! The great thing about going with friends is that you can split the membership but you can also split up your goodies! You really don't need 68 ounces of peanut butter and 42 AA batteries, BUT you could use 16 ounces of peanut butter and 21 AA batteries!

What's close to you:

Foxfield, Champions Club, Spring Arbor, Brandywine and Cecil Woods share the same Costco located in Christiana at 900 Center Blvd, Newark, DE.

Check out the below for info about BJ's.
1260 E Woodland Ave.
Springfield, PA

2131 Kirkwood Highway
Wilmington, DE

100 Penceder Plaza
Newark, DE

26676 Centerview Dr
Millsboro, DE

100 Penceder Plaza
Newark, DE

200 Easton Rd
Warrington, PA

Stay tuned for a blog post about some things that I like for summer at BJ's. Happy Shopping!