Thursday, November 6, 2014

Settling Into Your New Home

Nina's final post - enjoy!

If you have been following my posts, we have already covered the topics of selling and staging a home, as well as the actual move.  Coming into the ‘home stretch’ we will now deal with settling into your new McKee Builders home.  Most people would think that unpacking every box as fast as one could be ideal, but that is not necessarily true.  Let me explain.  In rushing to unpack, certain issues could be forgotten, such as organization.  For me, a great ‘rule of thumb’ is to focus on unpacking and setting up ones bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.  You may be asking “Why only these three rooms?”  Well, I believe that if you can get a good nights sleep, take a shower and get dressed in the morning, and cook a meal, the rest will fall into place.

That being said, there is an art to unpacking in the sense that where you place each item is essential to getting organized, staying organized, and knowing where your belongings are when you need them.  Organization alleviates stress and saves time and money.  Below is my room-by-room guide on settling into your new home:
  Your kitchen should be set up according to zones such as preparing, cooking and serving.  An example of this would be to have all of your bakeware, pots, and cooking utensils near the cooktop or oven, and the items used to prepare meals should be grouped together and stored close to the area where you will prepare food, etc.  Also, keep items that are not used regularly in higher, ‘out of the way’ cabinets.
  When unpacking and setting up your bathroom, use shelf organizers to categorize and contain your toiletries, group your towels according to size and color, and place your sheets into the matching pillowcase to keep sheets sets together.  Labeling shelves, basket, and bins is also very useful.
  Keep in mind that your bedroom is your sanctuary, and in order to enjoy a good nights rest, it should be kept clutter free.  Only unpack and keep in your bedroom what belongs in this particular room.  Any extra items should be stored in an attic, storage room, or basement.  Utilize bins, baskets, and under bed storage to maximize the space.
  If you have a ‘guest room’ in your new house, keep guest towels and sheets stored in a dresser drawer.  Also, extra toiletries can be kept in this space as well.
  If you no longer have a ‘home office’, designate a corner in your family room, bedroom, or kitchen to act as a home office.  Creating this ‘little nook’ will be beneficial when it comes time to pay your monthly bills.  Invest in some desk accessories that are appealing and remember to purchase a file box to ‘house’ all of your monthly bills.  You can then transfer the paperwork to a file drawer which can be kept in an attic, basement, or storage room.
  Any items that you plan to store in an attic, basement, or storage room should be kept in an air-tight, lidded, rubber container which is also labeled.  This will help to ensure that items susceptible to fading will be protected.  Also, it is a good way to keep critters at bay!

My hope is that I have helped to alleviate any stress that is ‘par for the course’ when it comes to moving.  Also, getting organized and staying organized is a foolproof guarantee to living a peaceful life.  If you have enjoyed my blog posts, visit my website to read more.  

Written by Nina Bowdler, Professional Organizer, Divine Intervention. 

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Moving Tips

Here is part 3 of Nina's post.  Enjoy!

If you have been following my posts for the past month, it is evident that the common theme has to deal with selling your home and moving. The first article addressed making the decision to move and the second covered staging a home.  Continuing, now we are going to deal with the actual move.   You already know I am a professional organizer, now you'll realize how invaluable organization is in making the move.  The list I have provided will verify how important organization is leading up to the big day.

  Do your research and hire a reputable moving service at least 4-6 weeks before the date.
  If family and friends are helping you move, contact your local U-Haul and reserve an appropriate size truck on the desired date.
  Contact utility services prior to your move concerning the ‘turn off’ at your old address, and ‘turning on’ at your new home, this includes cable, internet, and phone providers.
  Fill out a ‘change of address’ form at your post office prior to your move, and remember to contact all creditors and financial institutions as well. 
  You will need to visit your local DMV about updating your drivers license, or visit their site for information.
  If you are taking your existing refrigerator with you, you will need to defrost it 1-2 days prior to the move. 
  Keep in mind that any ‘gas operated’ lawn equipment will need to be drained before the transport.
  Properly dispose of any household hazardous waste and electronics. Doing a Google search will provide you with the next scheduled collection date in your area.
  If you are planning to pack up your belongings, reach out to family and friends to help.  Schedule ‘packing sessions’ to work together and pack up one room at a time. 
  Plan to use disposable cups, plates, and utensils at least one week prior to the move.
  Pack all your valuables yourself, and plan on transporting them with you to your new home.

I hope this list helps to alleviate any stress and remember that being organized before the big day will help with the transition.  Next time, we will talk about organizational tips on settling into your new McKee Builders home.  Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, sometimes all it takes is a friend to help along the way.

Written by Nina Bowdler, Professional Organizer, Divine Intervention. 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Painting Without the Hassle

Sherwin Williams's Color Snap application is a great way to decide how to paint your new McKee Builders home. You can take a photo of a room and paint it virtually, you can take a photo of an item or scene and see what color scheme the app suggests, and you can browse the extensive variety of paint colors they have to offer.

This app is a great way to paint your home exactly the way you want it the first time, without dealing with swatches or accidentally using a color you don't like.

Check it out today and start loving your home right away!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Frank A. McKee Charity Golf Classic

McKee raised $30,000 for the Navy Seal Foundation,
a non-profit organization that supports the needs of U.S. Navy SEALs, recognized as the most elite fighting force within our U.S. military and their families.
The Golf Classic, which attracted 200 golfers along with a number of generous corporate sponsors, was held to honor these warriors and assist the foundation. We were proud to help this cause and even prouder of the golfers who participated. 

“Without the these heroes and the protection they provide, we wouldn’t be where we are now,” said Frank McKee Jr., the firm’s vice president of sales and marketing.  “They are so humble and appreciative, it makes it even more rewarding to support and give back to them.”
For over a decade, the McKee team has been committed to helping our vets. From building a home for a disabled soldier, to swinging for the Seals, we appreciate America’s finest and say “thank you for your service.”

McKee Builders also made the news in 2006 when they partnered with Homes for Troops to build a home for a disabled Army veteran returning from Iraq after losing both legs in battle. It is yet another way The McKee Group shows its pride in America and support for our troops.

McKee has dedicated over 60 years to creating exciting 55+ lifestyle communities in the best locations across Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Headquartered in Springfield, Pa., they are a recognized leader in their field and were recently ranked by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the top 20 homebuilders in the Philadelphia Metro Area.
To learn more about one of the five premier McKee communities and their locations, or to view individual home floor plans at each, visit