Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Guest Blogger - Dianne Muhe

Dianne Muhe is the Selections Coordinator at Foxfield. Not only does she guide our customers through the most fun part of building a new home, but she also has an eye for design that she happily shares to suit everyone's home to their personal style. The entry below is from Dianne. Thanks, Dianne!


Fashion, as well as color schemes, seem to come and go in cycles. How many of us have heard the phrase “if you hold on to it long enough, it will be back in style?” We can see this happening now, especially in the color of kitchen cabinets. Over the last several years, “white and light” dominated the marketplace. Now it seems people are gravitating towards the darker shades of cabinetry. Here at Foxfield, more and more people are choosing the richer shades of cherry wood like spice and chocolate for their cabinets and pairing it up with a natural granite for a warm, inviting look. Off setting this combination with stainless steel appliances gives the kitchen a state-of-the-art look. Of course, for our residents who like the light and airy look we still offer a nice selection of the more neutral shades. Remember, your home should reflect your style and taste and we are here to guide you through that process.

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