Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Color in your new home

For many of us, painting a wall is a VERY BIG deal. The hassle of painting yourself and the cost of hiring someone else can be a major obstacle. On the other hand, I think that most of us will agree that paint is the best way to make a big change. For the time and money, the impact you can make is a deal, really.

With that said I still obsess over paint colors. I have a perfectly painted house but I am still not happy with what I consider to be a lack of color on the first floor (lots of camel) and a color that is just not working in the powder room (purple). I have a sage green sofa in the family room and a mish mosh of furniture - I would like to paint the walls a turquoise or blue, but which turquoise or blue? I cannot even choose the colors for my daughter's kitchen, desk and table playset!

This is where Benjamin Moore comes in. Check out their website. They have so many tools to help you play with color that you should never go on after 9 pm, because you will be up waaayy to late!

I found this:

and I am quite please with it. I am going to tone down the green color and replace it with my sage green sofa. The bright blue on the walls and the team in accent pieces or maybe even the fireplace (yikes!) is just about perfect! Now just to get my husband to paint!

And to paint the baby's stuff.

PS. if you have done your math, you will know that the Bea is only 10 months old and cannot play with a kitchen playset. I do realize that. I also realize that I am a little bit crazy, and a little bit crafty!