Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Spring!

This weekend I HAVE to work on sprucing up our porch, deck and patio. They are looking raggedy.

So, let's do it together!

Start with a good scrubbing. Sweep the floors and take a broom or dust brush to swipe off spider webs and other gross things from bannisters and "underneaths." Hose down what you can. Quickly windex door side lights, and sliding glass doors.

Once everything is scrubbed and shiny, take covers off of furniture, or take furniture out of storage. Give it a good cleaning! I like Simple Green, or plain old dishsoap.

Add some greenery. Take out your pots, or invest in some new.

Hot tips to personalize:

1) Go to a Paint Your Own Pottery store and put your initials, address or whatever you like on a ceramic pot to have a one-of-a-kind message. On my front step, I am going to have one that says "Welcome" and on my back deck, I might just have one that says "I HEART BBQ" as a little reminder to my husband. That or "WATER ME", as a little reminder to myself.

2) Get a Stepping Stone kit and let your artistry really shine. I like the ones from Midwest Products.

3) Make a unique planter out of your favorite chipped ceramic casserole dishs and display on an old serving cart or bookshelf.

4) Reupholster your deck furniture cushions in a fabric that feels totally you. I like the yellow print below.

 That's all for now. Here is top hoping that I actually get any of this done!